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Beware of "AP9 Passport To Fun" I've never heard of the company or their website until today when I was going over my bank statement and found an unauthorized charge from this company!! I waited on hold at their "customer service" toll free number for twenty some odd minutes, when a representative finally came on, she asked for my name and telephone number to "look up my account" she found no information.

She then transferred to someone else that stated, "give me your credit card number and I'll help you." I refused. Hopefully, my bank will be able to remedy this in the morning.

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I used to work in credit card claims department. Some advice I can give to help STOP things like this...

1. ANY check from your bank/credit card company/ etc. unless you KNOW you are expecting a refund or bonus for what ever reason, DO NOT CASH IT!!!! if you bother to read the fine print it CLEARLY states that upon cashing this check you are authorizing them to sign you up for something and charge it to your card.

2. read the fine print on ANYTHING that claims to be free. I mean serioulsy...Those T&C are there stating everything clearly and legally...but because MOST people just skip through it and "claim" to of read it, they act suprised later that they find unknown charges. if anything is free then you would never need to give payment options.

Sadly these 2 bits of advice happened about 98% of my incoming calls...the other 2%....restruants of SOME waitors adding a tip in because you didn't write anything in the tip line....people...if you leave a cash tip write in the line "no tip" leaves no room for error so no one can add in their own tip....for those who don't tip...I won't go there...


The GRANT RESEARCH GUIDE or GRANT RESOURCE CENTER took money from my bank account without my authorization. I have called them on three ocassions to resolve this situationand and the only thing I get is a voice mail.

They were able to access my account from a $2.95 cents that I paid with my credit card for shipping and handling for a free CD.

They then used that info. to charge my account with an additional $58.61 I will follow thru with an investigation with the help on my banking institution.

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